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Half hour Lesson - £20 

Hour Lesson - £40 

I always offer a FREE 30 minute trial lesson 

Click here to find out how payment works or to find out about

For my availability please contact me.

Please try and cancel in advance. Unless there are extenuating circumstances;

Students canceling a lesson on the day or not attending the agreed lesson will be charged for that lesson



What does a trial lesson consist of?

During a trial lesson I aim to put you at ease and we can have a chat about whether you have played before and what you would like to play or what music interests you.

I then aim to come up with a plan, tailored to you, going forward so we have some aims and objectives.

I want to get you playing as soon as possible so I can offer some suggestions and you can get a taste of how I teach.

You can then go away and make a decision about any more lessons you would like.

I know how hard it is to find the best teacher for you so I will not be offended if we don't see each other again. 


Do I have to take exams?

In short; no. Do I recommend them? Yes. I have found there is some anxiety around exams but they can be a great way to progress and it's important to have something to aim for, as well as something to show for all your hard work and efforts. 

I have had great results even from those who have initially been adamant about their refusal to do exams.

I am here to help put you at ease and bring out the best in you, I know when a student is or isn't ready for exams and ensure that, exam or not, we always have a goal and keep progressing. 

Do I have to play scales and arpeggios? 

Believe it or not I get asked this question a lot. The short answer is yes. I guarantee that even if we aren't playing straight scales or arpeggios you'll find them in the pieces you want to play so there's no escaping them.

I will always find away of making technical exercises and warm ups more enjoyable.

Do I have to sight read/Read Music? 

I don't expect you to be able to sight read, that's one of the reasons you're having lessons. It can take years to master the art of sight reading. A very small number of people are naturally good at sight reading but for the rest of us it can take hours, days, months and years to be able to confidently sit down and play something you've never seen or heard before.

Some people have a good ear and can't/don't want to read music at all but are still good musicians. I always teach with the sheet music and help people understand the page.

Learning to read music is an important skill, once we read music we can: accompany other instruments, learn pieces quicker and understand what the composer really wants from us. I take into consideration all of my students strengths and weaknesses to help them become a well rounded musician.

How often should I practise? 

As often as you are able and want to. You can practise a lot but if you're not practising in the right way it can be detrimental. A good teacher should teach the student the best way to practise. 

What length of lesson should I take?

Most people start off with a 30 minute lesson each week, this works well for grades 1 to 3. An hour fortnightly tends to suit those who have a busy work schedule and want more time in the lesson. 

As students progress through the grades; they start to want extra time whether thats a full hour lesson, two 30 minute lessons a week, or just the occasional extra lesson. 

I want online lessons, what do I need?

A piano - (For digital pianos I recommend a full sized (88 Keys) Hammer-action keyboard). 

A webcam either separate or part of a device. You may find that phones or smaller tablets may be a bit too small.

I use Zoom or Google Meet to conduct lessons these lessons. 

I also recommend headphones, a pencil and notepad and I may suggest a book or music for us to work from together. 

How do you take payment? 

I usually invoice at the end of each month for the months lessons which is payable by the next lesson, you can also ask to pay each lesson or fortnightly if you would prefer.


Payments via BACS/Paypal or Card at my studio. 

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